This is what it's all about - activities that offer challenge, excitement and adventure and the knowledge you pick up along the way through structured lectures and first-hand experience. Don't worry about being thrown in at the deep end. At 2515 Squadron, there are always cadets and staff available to guide you from whatever level you are starting at. With such a wide range of opportunities, there's guaranteed to be something that you're going to love. From Flying and Gliding to Shooting, DofE and Sport there's something for everyone. For more information on the different activities we offer, click on their links on the right hand side of the page.

On Squadron

We are extremely fortunate to have the facilities we do and these allow us to offer a varied training program that covers all the aspects of being in the Air Cadets. We have our own 18m range which us allows us to shoot .22 No. 8 rifles on a regular basis. You will receive expert coaching allowing you to improve through different levels of marksmanship. We also have a large drill hall which, as well as doubling as our parade ground, is a fantastic venue for both sports and indoor night exercises. We run initiative and teambuilding exercises to help people develop their communication skills and learn to work well as part of a group.

We also have several classrooms that enable us to go through the theory side of activities such as learning hand signals and how to apply cam cream for upcoming night exercises as well as tactics and different movements. We then go on to practice these in the hall before going out into the field. Our Flight Suite is unique within Hampshire: boasting 17 computers, we are able to teach cadets how to fly circuits as well as winding down with a good dog fight.

The large amount of space we have enables us to also run various projects such as model plane building and flying as well as building self propelled vehicles, hot air balloons and construction towers. We also have the option for you to develop your interests in areas such as Aircraft Recognition where you can develop your skills and then compete against other squadrons around the wing.

Off Squadron

Our prime location within the New Forest allows us to regularly venture outside of the Squadron to complete activities such as Orienteering, Night Exercises, Duke of Edinburgh's Award and more. We also regularly team up with other Squadrons to run activities and compete in areas such as sport, shooting and drill. There are many events throughout the year for this such as Wing Activities Day, Wing Athletics, Wing Swimming and Wing 5-a-side. We are always looking for new cadets to join in and help us prove that we are the best.

There are also courses run for things such as leadership, radio skills, first aid, training, flying and gliding. One of the best opportunities you get within the Air Cadets is Camps. Three main camps are run each year at RAF bases around the UK as well as several overseas! These combine the best that we have to offer all rolled into one action packed week. Flying and shooting are major parts alongside visits around the base, sport and a great night ex.

What are you waiting for?

With so many amazing opportunities available, why settle for anything else? Join us now and experience all of the above and so much more! Much of what we offer us either unavailable to the general public or extremely expensive and we are offering it to you for free.

Flying aerobatics high in the sky or achieving marksmanship on a semi-automatic weapon vs. Playing Halo on the Xbox. The question is: What to you want to be able to answer with when someone asks you... What did you do last weekend?