Fieldcraft & Night Exercises

We regularly have "Greens Nights" on our normal parade nights. This is where we come in our Combat uniform, CS95. During these nights we cover all the subjects concerning Fieldcraft. These include PowerPoint Presentations and Practical Demonstrations. These happen several times a month and help give cadets the theory behind Fieldcraft to help them understand it better. On some Greens Nights we hold an indoor Night Exercise in the Drill Hall. We place objects around the hall and practice silent movement in the dark. They also practice reaction to noises produced by Staff. This is a great chance to get some practice at night exercises for when we go out into fields and do them.

We also go out, either on a parade nights or a weekend night, to a privately owned piece of land away from the public to put into practice the skills learnt during our Greens Nights. Usually this is during Winter as this is when it gets dark quickly. The cadets are split into teams and given an objective. These include: Escorting and injured team-mate somewhere or escort a "bomb" to the oppositions base. We are always encouraging the cadets to come up with their own ideas for night exercises which we then play out. All through this they are practicing their silent movement and their scanning techniques. This helps them get an insight into some of the things that may happen in their training if they decide to enter the forces. It is also a really fun night for everyone.