Class Description Identifying Badge

Second Class

Second Class is the stage you are at when you first join the Squadron. This is the most basic level and there is no badge. You will soon begin your training to work your way up the classification ladder.
There is no badge for this classification

First Class

First Class is the first stage you will reach after passing exams. Cadets with this badge have passed their basic training on 8 different subjects ranging from the RAF to Map Reading. Once you are a First Class cadet, you can take advantage of all the opportunities the Air Cadet Organisation offers you.


To become a leading cadet, you must pass your Basic Navigation, Airmanship II and Principles of Flight exams. Your tests will be monitored by an invigilator from your Wing HQ. Once a Leading cadet, you may have opportunities for promotion, or other responsibilities within your Squadron.


Senior cadets are well qualified individuals who are committed to their Squadron. They have to pass 3 more exams to gain this qualification. Senior cadets are often expected to self study for forthcoming exams.

Master Air Cadet

This is as far as taking exams can get you and means they have completed all of the training set. They have to pass 3 final exams to gain this qualification. MAC cadets may be called upon to teach other cadets for forthcoming exams.

Instructor Cadet

An instructor cadet is the highest classification a cadet can reach, and once there the cadet is expected to take positions of responsibility, and teach other cadets. To reach this level you must pass another two exams and attend a weekend course on instructional techniques. Instructor Cadets wear a yellow lanyard around their left shoulder/arm instead of wearing a badge.